Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Summer Sixteen

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Sun 660 // Impossible Project 600 //  Instax Wide

The first week of June Benjamin and I moved in together and it has taken me up until now to finally scan in all the instant photographs we have both taken since then. Here are a few of my favorite of Summer Sixteen. 

Thankful for my Light

Wind Point, Wisconsin
SX-70 // Instax Wide

This year I spent my Thanksgiving with the Trevor family in Green Bay. I really enjoy going up to Wisconsin to see the Trevor's; they are all so supportive in our relationship and make me feel so welcomed. On our way back to Chicago Ben and I decided to stop at a random small town and take some photographs. Twenty miles from where we were I found Wind Point, Wisconsin where the oldest lighthouse along the Great Lakes. I'm incredibly thankful to be loved by Benjamin, as long as I have him by my side everything will be okay.
ps- Ben took the first two photographs

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Couple Aura

Chicago Illinois
Fujifilm 100c // Aura Polaroid Camera

I'm incredibly lucky to have found someone who understands me, loves me, and most importantly supports me in no way I have ever felt before. Here is an aura polaroid photograph of Ben and myself. Together we are purple: visionary, unconventional, nonjudgemental, playful and loves to be inspired by each other. My aura is mostly red: strength, will power, new beginnings, leadership, action, practicality and passion. Ben is blue/ white: trust, loyalty, supportive, higher consciousness and wisdom.

Chicago Cubs Champions

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Sun 660 // Impossible 600 Color