Friday, November 7, 2014

Week Get Away, Part Three: Seattle

Seattle, Washington
Nikon SE 35mm// Fujichrome Astia ISO 100

The second half of our trip was spent in Seattle: filled with seafood, (more) local breweries and wondering around the city. It's hard to believe our little week get away was over two months ago! But now I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with this amazing man.

I love you Michael 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week Get Away, Part Two: Vancouver

(Michael helped me get over my fear of standing on grates: we both photographed the moment)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nikon SE 35mm // Fujichrome Astia ISO 100

About two months ago Michael and I took a little week get away to Vancouver and Seattle. Here are some of my snapshots of Vancouver, a city I quickly fell in love with. From the local breweries, cold pressed juice, nature, rain and art we enjoyed everything Canada had to offer. 

ps- I love viewing my vacation snapshots on my slide projector. For now on whenever I travel to a new city I will forever shoot in slide film.