Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Ladies and Gentleman my Etsy shop is finally open! There are only a few things up, for now but don't fret I will be adding more after the Thanksgiving holiday. Contact me if you have any questions!


Weird Collages

Here are some of my new collages, they are weird and I love them. Big thanks to my friend Larry Mann who donated some of his old photographs. 

Found Polaroid Selfies

About a year ago I purchased my favorite eBay purchase ever, over three hundred found Polaroids. I found these selfies and thought the world needed to see them too. You're welcome.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Sunday

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Sun 660// Impossible PX 680 and Impossible PX Gold Edition (2011)

Last Sunday was my day off and I decided to be surrounded by my Polaroid, raw/ vegan food and art. I started my day with walking to Logan Square Farmers Market, they have an indoor market now and it's has great stuff! I got some radishes, squash, ginger, two beautiful plants and the best score was ten pounds of frozen locally grown blueberries (and yes my green smoothies are even better now). Coming home with all my goodies I decided to stop by Galerie F it was the last day they were showing the You Are Beautiful: The Next Chapter show. What a truly inspiring show, I was seriously considering of purchasing a print but I had a box of blueberries in my hands. As soon as I got home a crazy storm came over and everything went dark. After my vegan friendly lunch at The Chicago Diner I headed over to Dose Market after I was asked to be an artist by Brave New Art World and I wanted to check it out. There was a digital photobooth, screen printer, and lots of wonderful artists there. Afterwards I have never been more motivated to focus all my energy into being an artist. I am going to finally start my Etsy store and getting my work shown into galleries, not working for them. Then for the rest of the afternoon I prepared a raw and vegan meal for my analog geek friend Steven, we both us to work at the Lomography store. I love cooking for other people and it was wonderful to talk about artwork, photography and life in general. I think I'm going to make this a regular thing: Cooking (preparing raw food) Sundays, Happy Sundays.