Saturday, October 26, 2013

That Opening Door

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid SX-70 // Impossible PX 70 COOL!

Yesterday was quite a lovely day: the art consultant (who purchased eight of my photographic collages) said that the hotel, designers, everyone loved to artwork that I created for them! They asked me if I was up for the task of creating over 200 collages for the guest bedrooms and of course I said yes. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to create the artwork I enjoy creating as well as a nice big fat paycheck. The phone call put me in a such as wonderful mood I was dancing around my apartment all afternoon. This is the opening door I was waiting for, and this project is going to take a lot of work but I know I will succeed. My father says I need to open my own business because I'm making so much money through my artwork I have to fret about income taxes and such. I honestly never thought I would be doing this, making money through my own artwork! I am extremely proud of myself and I thought it deserved a selfie.

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