Friday, September 20, 2013

An Evening in Humboldt Park

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Land Camera SX-70// Impossible PX COOL!

Usually when Rachel and I do our photo walks we pick a general neighborhood, bringing multiple cameras and search for something interesting. This time we picked one small area and only brought two cameras (we were supposed to only bring only one camera but when we got together we both brought an extra camera, we have no self control and I secretly love it) One of the biggest bonuses of living in Logan Square is that I'm seeing Rachel and all my friends way more! Having spending so much time in the neighborhood of Humboldt Park but only 'seen' the park once we thought it was an appropriate location for our photo shoot. My friend Leo gave me some old Kodak K-12 film and I'm still shooting the roll in my Nike SE 35mm. I have no idea how I'm going to develop it but I am way too excited to see the results. 

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