Friday, August 30, 2013

I am the Luckiest Artist, Ever.

I have lots of exciting news to share with you all. First, I got this amazing new gig to a curator for 914 Gallery located in Humboldt Park. I am over the moon happy to be able to have a space that gives me the freedom to express my creativity and start my curating career. I curate my first show in October, all very exciting!! 

I also found a new artist's studio that is conveniently located in the basement of 914 Gallery. This space is where Chicago the Beautiful was born! It has a lovely large wooden table where I am able to spread out all of my found photographs, I look forward to creating even more work with this new space! Below is a snapshot of the workspace.

I am one lucky happy artist. 

I'm Officially a Working Artist!!

About two months ago an art consultant contacted me wishing I would create artwork for them (the dream man!) And after weeks of phone calls and emails we finally agreed on a direction and then had only a few days to create work. Thankfully I had a wonderful studio space to work in and for two days created as much work as possible. Above are three out of the eight collages the hotel has purchased as well as the plans on how my collages will be displayed. It was my first time I sold this much work and I can't wait to have more clients! I will post later when the hotel has my work framed and on the walls so Chicagoans can stop in and see my work. Ah, the life as a working artist is simply wonderful.

A&A Studios Inc First Photo Walk

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Land Camera 250 // FP-3000b

Two weeks ago I organized A&A Studios Inc first Photo Walk and I could not be happier with the outcome! We had about ten analog photographer travel with their cameras around the West Loop of Chicago eventually leading to Johalla Project to see Filter Photo Festival's Argus show. (where I had work up for display) It was so lovely when I had people coming up to me thanking me for putting something like this together, it made me remember why I love my job and Chicago. Missed this photo walk, don't fret I plan on organizing more. Above is a portrait of my co-worker David, he is a man with many talents! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Full Body Art

Chicago, Illinois
1950s Chemical Photobooth Model 11

An August Afternoon

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid SX-70 // Impossible SX70 PUSH!

This PUSH! film is Impossible Project first color film and it was called PUSH! film because it need a lot of light to form an image, I'm happy that the film was still useable. Anyway, one of my favorite things about living in Logan Square is that I am now walking distance from the Logan Square Farmer's Market. Nothing is better than starting off your day with some fresh blueberries and peaches! Later in the day Filter Photo Festival had their Argus showing at Johalla Projects. I had three pieces hanging and it was a lovely event. I was able to catch up with some old friends and meet new and interesting artists! It's days like these where I love living in Chicago.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Farewell Lakeview

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Land Camera 250 // FP-3000b and FP-100c

In the beginning of August I moved out of my beautiful one bedroom apartment in Lakeview. It was a difficult move because I was madly in love with this apartment, this is the apartment where I grew as an artist. I created my first photographic collage in that living room, I made my very first home in Chicago in that apartment. But like most good things they must come to an end. The area wasn't best suited for me and overall this is a positive move. With a few tears I slowly packed up all my stuff and moved to Logan Square. Although I am still unpacking (a month after the move) I can happily say I love my new apartment. As soon as I find (or hand build) some bookcases I can go nuts over decorating and create my another home for myself.