Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions 2013

Chicago, Illinois
Nikon FE 35mm// Kodak Portra ISO 400

It was amazing to be in Chicago as we won the Stanley Cup! My friend David and I were watching the game with a minute and a half to go thinking we were going to have to play game seven and then out of no where they score! The city of Chicago went nuts! Since I live in Lakeview we walked over to Wrigley and joined the craziness and happily grabbed my cameras. Even though all of the photographs are blurry, I still love them.

Brave New Art World: June

Chicago, Illinois
Kodak FE 35mm// Kodak Portra ISO 400

Once again Brave New Art World was a huge success! I was so pleased with how many people came out and I'm always meeting interesting artists. This time there were a lot more performances which I loved! Musicians in every gallery, artist working on the streets and performance artists on each corner. If you haven't already experiences BNAW, you are missing out! BNAW is the first Thursday of every month located in the middle of all the River North Galleries (Franklin and Superior): I'm the girl with all the film cameras.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back Home in Jersey

Millstone and Manasquan, New Jersey
Polaroid Land Camera 250 // FP-3000b and FP-100c

Last week I went back home to Jersey and I had a wonderful trip. I finally met Miley and Madison King the granddaughters of my basically second family (when my parents both worked in the city Mrs. King use to baby-sit me) quickly fell in love with them. Also seeing the Jersey Shore is still a bit heartbreaking. My father proposed to my mother in front of the building in the second photograph and to see piles of sand still surrounding it is shocking. 

Beauty is Embarrassing

A friend recommended to watch this documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing that is about this wonderful artist, Wayne White. Never heard of him? Watch this documentary now it's available on Netflix. Wayne White is the definition of a living artist who does everything. But what I mainly want to share with you his is painting. I just admire White using someone else's work to create his own. His work is honest and just watch the documentary, you will be equally speechless and inspired as I do now. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Faceless Photobooth

Chicago, Illinois
Vintage Photobooth Model-11 c. 1955

One of the many perks of working at A&A Studios is being able to use our beautiful Model-11 photobooth which is located at our shop. My boss Anthony and I were experimenting with the chemistry due to the fact we were unable to find any fresh developer. We decided to see what would happen if we used a very old Kodak can of developer that we had laying around. When I asked Anthony how old the developer was all he said was, "Old." I fell in love with the results. We ended up switching out the Kodak developer (but saved it so we could reuse it, I mean come on look how awesome and creepy it looks!) for some fresh developer. But I am madly in love with these strips. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Black and White Summer Evening

Chicago, Illinois
Fujifilm FP-3000b// Polaroid Land Camera 250

These instant photographs were taken during the first photo walk of the summer. I wanted to test the theory if it was better to peel apart pack film while you are shooting or waiting until I got back home. The top two photographs I waited about forty-five minutes after taking the photograph to peel it apart. As you can see the left side is heavily darken but for these photographs I don't hate it. The bottom photograph was peeled apart shortly after it was taken. There is definitely a different, either way these snapshots are lovely. 

Getting A Little Personal

I'm not going to lie, it has been a rough four weeks after graduation. Now they always say it gets worse before it gets better but it would be nice to speed things up a little bit. Thankfully my jobs are doing well: there are going to be a lot of big changes at A&A Studios and I am looking very much forward towards the future. I'm helping building our darkroom, planning more events and workshops plus another project is in the works! Yesterday my co-workers and boss mentioned how they enjoy my presence at the office, it's truly the little things that make me feel better. My new second job is working for Paper Source, it's fine for now. I mainly like it to get discounts on all the bookbinding supplies.

For my birthday my parents got me the best birthday gift I have ever received an Epson V750 Pro Scanner, yeah it's beautiful. So happy to be able to scan in my artwork and upload it straight to here or my website, it brings me nothing but joy. Get ready to see my work more often! Right now I'm getting ready for my photobooth exhibition, I have to ship it to Australia in August and I have a few ideas in the works. I'm taking a break creating my photographic collages (or at least until I find a new apartment) and simply collecting photographs and doing research on the history of marriage. I feel like my artwork is making huge positive steps forward.

Socially, it's a different story: I love living in Chicago I really do, I just don't think Chicago loves me back. I keep meeting people who view my presence as temporary and I'm taking it way too personally. I know that while you are in your twenties people will come in and out of your life so easily and quickly that you just need to move forward but that doesn't mean I understand it. (I'm sure in a few days I will reread this post and either laugh at myself or delete it.) Maybe this is why I'm putting so much pressure on myself about finding this new apartment. I need a new start, a new creative space and a social neighborhood so I can be less of a homebody. I envy people who can pack up their lives within a few bags and just move somewhere new. I've always been the person where I like to settle down in a place and get to know the area of where I live. But now I feel like I need to make a huge change in my life because if I don't soon one day I'm going to wake up, be twenty-seven and be exactly where I am now. I don't even know where I would move: Austin? Too hot. New York City? Too expensive. Seattle? Too far from my family. My best friend Sarah and I talk about moving back to Europe all the time, I truly miss that girl. To anyone who is reading this and has their best friend in the same city, you are very lucky.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to going home to Jersey on Tuesday and spending some time with my family. I will be traveling a lot within the next couple of weeks and you know what that means, lots of photographs! Here is a little humor during my I have my shit together but at the same time, I don't.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My 22nd Birthday

Chicago, Illinois
PZ Color Protection// Polaroid Spectra SE

Last Saturday I turned twenty-two, and it was a wonderful day. I learned how to change the chemicals in one of chemical photobooths and we used very old kodak developer! I will scan in those results soon. Then my friend Charlotte and I went on a photo walk in Andersonville which was so much fun! I love that photo friends are digging instant photography too. Afterwards a bunch of my friends and I went to one of my favorite summertime bar, Big Star. With lots of tacos and margaritas, we partied the night away. It was a great birthday and I was glowing with joy! I think these snapshots prove it. 

I graduated college.

Chicago, Illinois
PX 680 Color Protection// Polaroid Sun 660

So it has been a crazy month after graduation! A few things have happened I won 3rd place at Manifest Photography Exhibition and Columbia purchased one of my collages, Eight Years, 2013 which will be in Columbia Photography Collection. I also was chosen to be in Catherine Edelman's Chicago Project which is a long term online gallery. I will be displaying my work in her gallery in 2015. And I will be in a photobooth exhibition which will be located in Australia in winter 2013! I still can't believe it's all happening but it brings me such joy and confidence that my artwork is strong.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Justin Henry Miller

Lately I have been seeking other artists who use found photographs into their artwork, and Justin Henry Miller is a great example! I discovered him at ZG Gallery during Brave New Art World last month (perks of living in Chicago). As I saw the vintage photographs out of the of my eye I rushed over to them and quickly fell in love. The bright bold alien like objects and characters look amazing against the black and white photograph. It took me awhile to realize that it was even oil painted! Definitely check him out.