Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sean's Birthday/ Shiloh

Chicago, Illinois
PX 680 Color Protection Gold Frame// Polaroid Sun 660 Auto Focus

One of the many reasons why I love Chicago is because I'm surrounded by other artists. My friend Sean's birthday was this week and he had a show/ party in celebration, one of the bands that played was Shiloh. Normally I'm not keen on photographing live events but shooting with my Polaroid camera I fully enjoyed it. I was always against the idea of being a freelance photographer after graduation but now I'm starting to warm up to the idea. Getting paid to shoot with my favorite instant and analog film? That doesn't sound too bad. haha Plus can we talk about how gorgeous these gold frame shots look!? I've been shooting Impossible Project film for a long time and when I see the film improving and it brings me nothing but joy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

8x10 Self Portraits

Chicago, Illinois
Impossible Project 8x10 Silver Shade

A few weeks ago we planned an 8x10 event at A&A Studios. The top photograph we used an 8x10 camera from 1920s and because of the lens we had to do an extreme close up shot. It's a little dark but I think I look like a total badass, haha. The second 8x10 shot was photographed inside one of our custom built photobooth, I was the test shot for our second set up. I love using 8x10 instant film and cannot wait to continue shooting with it during the summer. We will be renting out 8x10 cameras and selling the film for only $20 a sheet! I'm such a sucker for large format.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Food Project

As I was fixing up my website I found this on-going project that I'm doing called Food Project. It's a simple concept, I photograph the food I'm eating in the environment that I'm in. (this was before I became a health nut) Looking forward to graduation so I can continue to create more photo project I enjoy doing.