Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Break in Four Photographs

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid SX-70// Impossible PX 70 Color Protection 

Winter break came and went so quickly. I cannot believe it's February already, I feel like just last week I was recovering from seven finals. During break I spent a lot of my time creating some new photographic collages (that I will post later) and cleaning out my apartment. I decided to get rid of anything I haven't touched in the past six months. I got rid of a whole dresser of clothes I never wore and made it into my photo dresser! Holding all my negatives safely. I also put ALL of my instant photographs in photo albums to protect them better. My apartment has never looked better! It's going to be sad when I have to move, but I just keep telling myself darkroom, artists studio, darkroom!!

Last week I went to the Music Box to see Port of the Shadows, an 1936 french film. What a great movie! It was my first film that spoke in French so I had to depend on the sub-titles. Since I live so close to the Music Box I plan on going to see a movie at least one a week. I feel that I should have better knowledge about films and maybe it can help me with my photography. My next film I plan on seeing is Casablanca, can you believe it that I've never seen it before?

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