Monday, January 7, 2013

Analog Problems

I have a printer that has a basic scanner on the top and today I officially cannot fix it with my old computer. I think I have to update a new program for the scanner/printer program but I'm unsure. But I do apologize for not updating on the blog lately. After finals I went straight into turning brain off mode and continued this mindset while being in Jersey for the holidays, it was wonderful to be with family again. On the 22nd my parents and I went to philly to see Dave Matthews Band, for me this was my fourteen show and I was loving every second of it, our seats were completely amazing. My parents and I had a really great time, I didn't think the show could get better until I met Boyd Tinsley the violinist of Dave Matthews Band! He signed my ticket and we hugged for like four minutes. I even have a photo of him and I. It was a wonderful moment for such a big fan. Don't judge.

During New Year's Eve my roommate from Florence, Sarah and I met up to stay with our friend we met in Spain, Elias who lives in New York City. Sarah was traveling from Maine and we were very sure if the whole trip for spending NYE in NYC was actually going to happen. Thankfully we were able to see each for 24 hours and it was wonderful. I have a whole roll of photos from that night, hoping to send out the film tomorrow. Stay tuned for post of photos.

Still working at A&A Studios for the vintage camera shop and my internship at a local Chicago gallery should be starting soon. I am looking forward to a wonderful winter break: I plan on relaxing, photographing and being a homebody. So far I have done just that, wish my scanner was working though.

This May I will be earning my Bachelors of Arts degree in Photography. I'm hoping I'll have enough money to purchase an Espon Pro Scanner! I can scan in beautiful quality film and instant photos in the comfort of my own home. Plus when my lease is up for my apartment I'm hoping to move to a cheaper area where I can set up my two enlargers: black and white and color darkroom. I have everything I need and more to set up the darkroom/ artists studio of my dreams, to the best of my ability due to $$$. As soon as I find a second job and maybe some freelancing too post-graduation life won't be so bad.

Anyway until I figure this out I cannot scan my instant photos that I have been taking for the past month.

I have the Analog Blues.

But I'll always be shooting! Don't forget to check out my Instagram or Twitter account to see some of my instant photos I take daily.

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