Monday, October 29, 2012

Photobooths and Polaroid

Pumpkin Picking with the Girls!

Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm in Channahon, Illinois
Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Land Camera 250 and Polaroid Spectra SE
Expired Polaroid Softtone, FujiFilm FP- 100c, FujiFilm FP-3000b and the Impossible PX-70 New Formula!! 

Rachel, Kelly, Meags and I all went pumpkin picking last Monday and even though it was pouring out when we got there the rain started to clear and we had a wonderful time! I haven't been pumpkin picking since I moved to Chicago and it was wonderful doing fall activities in the mid-west.

Filter After Hours

Chicago, Illinois
Polaroid Land Camera 250
FujiFilm FP-3000b

My internship with Filter Photo Festival is almost done and what an experience. A lot of talented people viewed my portfolio and I heard a lot of interesting things. Here are some instant photos of all the wonderful people I got to work with!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sorry I've been lacking on posting, I've been so busy with my 21 credit hour semester, internship with Filter Photo Festival and a job. I've never been so busy and I have no idea how I am awake right now. Hopefully things will come down after the festival and midterms. I have been photographing and I developed six rolls! So new post will happen soon. Can't wait to enjoy all the beautiful colors of fall!

I'm a Semi-finalist!!


Hello everyone, once again I want to take you ALL for voting and making me get to the Semi-Finals for RAWards 2012! Could not have done this without all your support!

So here is the deal:
There are five other photographers (including myself) all fighting to represent the city of Chicago. The winner will be announce at the end of the showcase! There will be a live voting from the audience (one vote per craft) and three judges will also have 50% of the say as well. Here is what I need you to do:

1) Come to the showcase!!!! Tickets are $15
2) Bring everyone you know, spread the word! Buy your friends and family tickets too! I need as many of my friends as possible so I can get the most votes. I need bodies!!!
3) Vote for me!!
4) Have a good time and drink beer.

I just need to see your lovely faces: See my artwork and vote for me :D

If I make it to the finals then another round of judges will narrow it down from 50 photographers to 10, then those 10 photographers will go to Hollywood. 

If I win Photographer of the Year this is what I'll win:

- Consultation with Markus & Indrani, Celebrity/Award-winning Photographers from Bravo's Double Exposure
- Consultation with Jody Domingue, Celebrity Photographer
- Half a day at Jody Domingue Studios
- Exhibit in Downtown LA Artwalk
- Placement in Artspace Warehouse
- Opportunity to include art/prints in IndiExhibit celebrity award show gift bags (3 events)
- $500 gift certificate to Nations Photo Lab
- 1000 printed IndieCards from Bands on a Budget
- Write-up feature on
- Write-up feature on Staged Incident
- RAW's Golden Ticket: Unlimited free showcases in any RAW location (50+ cities) during the 2013 season
- RAW:Photographer of the year Winner's Seal & Accolade
- RAW On-Camera interview
- Honored at RAWards 2012 Ceremony as RAW:Photographer of the Year
- Featured on 

SO I NEED YOUR HELP! After this showcase it's out of yours and my hands. So please, help me reach a dream of mine to show my work around the USA.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RAWards 2012! Nominate me!

Hey guys! Most of you know that I showcased my artwork with Raw: Natural Born Artist at Double Door back in June and now the RAWards is finally here! Basically I need as many votes as possible so I can win top three photographers in the city of Chicago: if I win that then I go to semi finals, then finals which will be in Hollywood CA! I get tons of prizes and show off my work to a lot of important people. 

How can you help?

Voting starts October 1st until October 15th and the best part is YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!

How do you vote?

1. Go to and click REGISTER at the top of the homepage
2. Input a valid email address (only have to do this once)
3. Verify the email address by checking your email and confirming it
4. Log-on with your new registation and vote!
5. come back the next day to vote again! One vote per day and per email ;)

If I win I'll make everyone whiskey cupcakes, yeah I'm serious.

Tell everyone, please and thank you :)